Test IIS Express Externally

Emmanuel Morales · 11 Feb 2016

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Are you a .NET developer building mobile web applications? Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that there’s no easy way to enable IIS Express to accept connections from remote devices?

Follow the following steps to make your life easier:

  1. Download and install ngrok or use its NPM wrapper (very handy if you’re already using NodeJS) ngrok npm
  2. Download and install iisexpress-proxy by using NPM and NodeJS npm install -g iisexpress-proxy
  3. Open two (2) PowerShell (command prompt) windows
  4. In one window, run iisexpress-proxy 55708 to 3000 (assuming 55708 is the IIS Express port provided by VS)
  5. In second window, run .\ngrok.exe http 3000
  6. Open the public URL provided by ngrok (e.g http://somerandomnum.ngrok.io)

Hope it’s easy for you as this steps above!

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